“It is better to travel well than to arrive.”

The Buddha

As a very young man I worked a summer picking prunes to buy my first car. It wasn’t much, just a ’50 Chevy coupe, but what it represented was the summation of those early dreams – freedom. To hit the road and explore the world. I swore that adventure would be the essence of my life. I think most of us shared a similar vision in the early years. A big part of it was the breaking of imagined oppressive bonds, defining ourselves, and illusionary self-discovery.

But life went on as we stumbled into the repetitious cycle of making a living at the expense of having a life. This site is about living that dream. We are not destination oriented, but believe the friends you make on a road trip and the experiences you have are the gifts of travel. So, come join us, as we rediscover Northern California and perhaps a piece of ourselves.