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  • french glen

    Road Trip to Steens Mountain

    Our starting point for exploring the Steens is the very small, historic town of Frenchglen. The reported population is twelve, but it does have a school, store, sometimes beer bar, usually fuel is available, and the historically registered Frenchglen Hotel. The town is partially named [...]

  • hart mountain

    Road Trip to Hart Mountain and Beyond

    I’ve previously mentioned that this is one of our favorite trips. Often the best places are the most difficult to reach, so sit back, breathe deep, and enjoy the Oregon ‘Outback’. Our starting point is Lakeview, Oregon traveling north on Highway 395. Be sure to [...]

  • Alturas

    Road Trip to Alturas, Lakeview and Beyond

    Leaving Alturas heading north on Highway 395 you’ll travel along the west side of the Warner Mountains. A few miles out of Alturas is the turn off to Cedarville, Highway 299 – see the ‘Cedarville and Surprise Valley’ road trip posting. On the left side [...]