Notes on using this website and its format

While we’ve divided the different postings into trips from one starting point, initially Redding, California to an outlying destination, it’s deliberately intended to be non-destination orientated.

For us, it’s the trip, points of interest, activities, and opportunities for exploration along the way that is our focus, not an end point. The highlights of travel tend to be the people and places you discover along the way – particularly the spontaneous, unexpected occurrences that pull at your sense of curiosity and wonder. In some cases, we’ve begun a new but continuing trip at a mere intersection of highways. In other situations we’ve gone back to a previous starting point taking a different fork in the road. Our goal is to tie the various road trips together by referencing those posts that adjoin each other. On a larger scale we will divide areas into regions with the help of fellow wanderers and contributors.

If you like what we are about, feel free to contact us about contributing and we will forward more detailed format. We are developing specific criteria in the effort to maintain some uniformity and continuity.

Thanks for checking in and please let us know what you think including mistakes and things we’ve missed.

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Safety Disclaimer

Many of the activities we describe here on this site involve traveling to outdoors areas and then walking and doing related activities in those areas. As with any activity, there are potential dangers involved.