Just call me Nick

My full name is Nick Zydycrn, just call me Nick. At seventy years plus I’m attempting to retire from a sorted background of teaching, contracting, landscaping, and owning a garden nursery for the past twenty years. Looking at what I like to do, traveling and writing brought the most satisfaction – thus this website.

I grew up in Northern California and have lived and traveled thru North and South America over the years. In the late 1940’s my parents bought a run-down house on seven acres in Shingletown, California. I came to know the area well and still live on that property with my wife Holly and side kick Penny, a brown lab.

We travel with an older 20′ trailer; mostly on the cheap. My designated job is driver and pack animal. Holly’s job is photographer, chief editor and censor. A mutually shared sense of wanderlust and occasional roll in the hay helps make it work.